Here's what Richard Lander (that's me, by the way) wrote about ChatGPT ... and what I told it to do

There’s no way ChatGPT can do my job. That is why ChatGPT works for me and not the other way around.

(The expressions in bold are translated at the end of this post)

Yes, it’s smart. Yes, it’s fast. Mind-bogglingly fast.
But it doesn’t care whether your English is dangerously mediocre or highly effective.
That’s the difference between ChatGPT … and me.. For more than 30 years working with business students, managers and their teams my goal has been to motivate business professionals to achieve a confident, persuasive and highly effective level of English.   
ChatGPT can’t do that, at least, not by itself. But it can help me to help you, by writing texts and conversations on topics which are interesting for Spanish-speaking professionals who want to take their English to the next level. What’s more, Artificial Intelligence can add the voices, in different accents, to bring the conversations to life.
I’m Richard Lander and these blogs are a collaboration between me, ChatGPT and voice generation software. But I’m the boss. The Artificial Intelligence works for me.
As for CatGPT, she just watches me working, contributes nothing and expects me to come up with solutions and get results. It’s not surprising she thinks she’s the real boss.
As we’ve just launched the Globalling Business English Challenges, I asked ChatGPT to write a conversation about them. I was astonished by the result. I'm sure you will be too  
  • There's no way
  • the other way around
  • in bold
  • mind-bogglingly
  • it doesn't care
  • goal
  • by itself
  • topics
  • come up with
  • no hay ninguna posibilidad
  • al revés
  • en negrita
  • alucinantemente
  • le da igual
  • objetivo, meta
  • por sí solo
    pensar en, idear

Here's the conversation that ChatGPT wrote about the Globalling Business English Challenges

Mike: Hi Susan. How's everything going?
Susan: Can't complain. Work's been busy, but it's going well. How about you?
 Mike: I'm fine. What's new?
Susan: Well, I recently discovered something that I think could really benefit you. Have you heard of Globalling's free Business English Challenges?
Mike: Business English Challenges? I don't think so.
Susan: They're interactive challenges that test your knowledge of English expressions related to business meetings, telephone calls, and emails. They're really useful for anyone looking to improve their business English skills.
Mike: That sounds interesting. How do they work?
Susan: You just go to their website,, and sign up for free. Then you can start taking the challenges right away. And the best part is that they teach you all the expressions you didn't know before, so you're constantly learning.
Mike: Wow, that sounds like a great resource. Is there anything else that makes them stand out?
Susan: Yes, there's another great incentive. When you complete the challenges, you can win special offers that will save you money when you subscribe to the full range of Globalling Business English courses. It's a great way to start learning more about business English.
After all, if you don't know what you don't know, you don't know what you need to learn.
 Mike: That's a really good point. And just what I need. Thanks for letting me know about this.
 Susan: No problem at all. I think you'll find them really useful. Let me know how it goes!

  • Can't complain
  • looking to improve
  • sign up
  • right away
  • stand out
  • full range
  • That's a really good point
  • No me puedo quejar
  • buscando la forma de mejorar
  • inscribirse
  • inmediatamente
  • destacarse, llamar la atención
  • gama completa
  • Muy cierto
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