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In my opinion, nobody in Spain wants to learn English
The following article was written by me, based on more than thirty years experience teaching Business English, without any help from ChatGPT ... or from CatGPT. However the audio version was generated by Artificial Intelligence, much faster than I could record it myself.
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There are only two ways to learn a language

Richard Lander
I often say that nobody wants to learn English.

Given that English is often the lingua franca for communication in business, education, tourism and culture, you will probably think that is ridiculous. But of course it's a provocation and the second part of the sentence is missing. "Nobody wants to learn English - what they really want is to know how to communicate effectively in an international context"
Fortunately, learning a language is much less complicated than it seems.
There are really only two ways to learn a language : by listening to English which you understand or reading English which you understand.
Children learn their first language from context, without translation. When you're learning a second language, context can help but translation is also a quick way to understand unfamiliar expressions.
Globalling courses offer you both context and translation. The context comes from business situations and examples which are easy to recognise. 
The translation comes from the key vocabulary which you learn before each episode and from words in the text which you can click to see equivalent expressions in Spanish.
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You'll improve your ability to communicate effectively in English in a business context ... and soon you'll know English ... and won't have to learn it! Have fun!
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